Our Service and Price Guarantee


Service Guarantee


  1. We aim to collect your Garden Bin or Garden Bag within two hours of your average collection time each collection.
    In urban areas your collection time will be between 7.00am and 7.00pm.
  2. We will always collect your Bin or Bag due for collection on your collection day, except on public holidays. Collections following public holidays will be one day later than usual.
    Health and safety permitting, we will still collect your bin during bad weather, such as flooding or snow. If your area is affected, updates will be posted on our website.
  3. We will give you two weeks' notice of a planned change to a collection.  Customers will be notified via the internet, email, text or via post of any delays or changes to their collections. 


Collection Promise

  1. Where your Garden Bin or Garden Bag is missed, we will collect it within 7-10 days.
  2. Garden Bins or Garden Bags may not be collected due to a payment issue, incorrect contents, or the incorrect bin being put out for collection. Once the issue has been rectified, we will be happy to make arrangements with you for collection of the bin.



  1. If you pay monthly by direct debit, we will take the payment on the day we have agreed with you. If the payment amount has changed due to costs incurred during the month, we will notify you 10 days before the amount is taken.
  2. If you have chosen to be sent bills for payment, your bill will be sent 14 days before payment is due.
  3. Should your account ever fall into arrears and you are unable to pay it quickly, we will work with you to set up a weekly payment plan.  Once a payment plan is adhered to collection will occur.
  4. All your account information is available to you by logging in here.